The Time Has Come.
Yes, The time has come now for all Netizens to think...Should we not learn to Co-exist?

Should not be allowed to do business on the Net along with as long as Netizens have a way to distinguish the two.

If Netizens cannot  distinguish from  another, how will they distinguish one Sony from another Sony in the real world?.. If they can do so by asking.."Which Sony are you?", why cannot they do so on the web also?..are some of the questions that we need to ask ourselves,..our Community, ..and the Legal pundits.

Verify4lookalikes is a service that is aimed at helping Netizens co-exist with domain names that may normally be considered "Confusingly Similar".

Verify4lookalikes does not stop at "Name Similarity". It is aimed at finding a way out for many of the Trade Mark related Domain name disputes.

Verify4lookalikes is a "Patent Applied" service that is being offered  to all Domain Name owners so that they can protect themselves from frivolous and mischievous name claims from Trade Mark owners.

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