What's Verify4lookalike Service?

Verify4lookalikes (VLAS) is a  B2B service provided to Domain Name Owners   and used by Netizens. It is meant to be the first line defense for the domain name owner to exhibit lack of bad faith.


VLAS is intended to provide Netizens visiting a site  a means to check for existence of any other site that may have a name Conflict with the member site, "at the Click of the Mouse".

Netizens visiting member sites will be presented a "Prompt". If they click on the prompt, they will be presented with a list of "Look Alike Sites" containing all those sites whose owners may have a conflict with the member's domain name. It is then the responsibility of the Netizen to continue surfing the member site or go to any other site from the look alike list. 

The service eliminates the possibility of the Netizen being "Confused" with the name. With the availability of this service, there is no way a Netizen may confuse  marutionline.com as a site from Maruti Udyog or investsmart.com as same as investmart.com

If the Netizen is clear which site he is visiting and the look and feel of the site is not a replica of another site, there is no reason for any disputes based on "Confusing Similarity of Domain Names". 

The Service will  (When fully functional), also include sites which may have a conflict by virtue of 

a) Similarity of Domain Names to registered Trade Marks
b) Similarity of Key word Meta tags to registered Trade marks 
c) Similarity to Keywords used in  Search Engine advertisements to registered trademarks.etc 

When fully developed, the service will also provide online "Mediation" facility   for resolving the disputes so that VLAS becomes a "One Stop Dispute Resolution Center for all Domain Name Disputes".

Domain Name owners who are interested in joining the community of VLAS can peruse further details here.