Where Judges Dare..Not.
While the Law on Domain Names is being written through many decided cases, there are several unresolved issues that have emerged which the judiciary is yet to tackle.

Such unresolved issues are, "When two persons have a right over same/similar Trade Marks" in different countries or different classes, who will get the priority?or

"When two Individuals share a name", who will get the priority?

"When two Celebrity names" such as "Anna" in Tamil Nadu and "Annavaru" in Karnataka have a claim on anna.com, who will get the priority?

"When two Legitimate Name Extensions" exist such as DMK and AIADMK or Janata Party and Bharatiya Janata Party (Refer Indian Politics) exist, who will get the priority on the web?

These are a few examples "Where Judges Dare..Not" and there may be many more...including the case of our friend..Sony who wants to set up a site for her Beauty Care business.....

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