What the Judges Say..

Domain Name Disputes are normally resolved at the Registrar's level through Dispute Resolution Policies adopted by them, or by Arbitration Centers such as the WIPO arbitration process or by Courts.

The essence of all judgements in recent days is that the owner of the Trade Mark will have a claim on the Domain Name as against a person who does not own the Trade Mark.

It is also considered that the Trade Mark rights extend to the following situations.

Trade Mark Rights extend to TLD extensions and also to name extensions either with a prefix or suffix.

Eg: Yahoo has a right over yahoo.com, yahoo.net etc, as well as yahooindia.com etc.

Trade Mark rights extend to "Confusingly Similar" names.

Eg: Rediff.com has a right over Radiff.com. Yahoo.com has a right over yoohhoo.com , Volkswagen.com has a right over vw.com etc

Attempts have now been made by Trade Mark owners on indirect extensions of name also.

Eg: Ford has put up a claim on model-E.com and jaguarcenter.com

"Celebrities" have a claim on their names and any extensions thereof.

Eg: Ms Julia Roberts has a right on juliaroberts.com or juliarobert-hospital.com.Owner of "Harry Potter" also owns all extensions such as potterfan.com etc.

..etc., etc..

The bottom line is, today "No Name is a Safe Name". :"Your Domain Name may be claimed by somebody, some where in the world, any time".

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