The Great War of Names.. is Now Raging Hot
I have a friend by name Sony. She  has a business by name Sony Beauty Care and thinks that she can use a web site to promote her business. She wants to create a website in the name and put information about herself, her business etc.

Does she have a right?...Think it over...

Currently, many legal specialists world over think that if Sony is allowed to run a website, it will infringe on the trade mark rights of Sony the Electronic giant.

Do you agree?.... Think it over.....

Many  think that visitors to may presume that it is promoted by  Sony the Company and therefore our friend Sony may have an undue advantage at the expense of the electronic giant.

On the other hand, some think that Sony is no doubt a name in Electronics. But it is a "No body" in Beauty care. Hence our lady Sony will not have any undue advantage by virtue of the similarity in name.

Do you agree?....Think it over... 

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