Legal Information

Verify4lookalikes is a service owned by Ujvala Consultants Pvt Ltd, having its registered office at No 37, "Ujvala", 20th Main, B S K Stage I, Bangalore 560050.

Any person who would like to associate with the service for the benefit of the Netizen community can contact Naavi.


The service is offered as a means of expressing the "Good Faith" of one website owner and his intention not to mislead the community with a name that is close to another.

Users should take note that  no assurance is provided that it will be accepted as such by any arbitrator or a court of law.

Entire responsibility for accepting the service without any warranty is with the user and user alone. If this condition is not acceptable, kindly do not avail the service.

The service provider does not guarantee that the list of look alike sites will cover all sites that are relevant. Reasonable care will be taken for inclusion of as many look alike sites as possible.

The VLAS Service providers are not liable for any loss or damage suffered by any user of the service or third parties by virtue of the service or by virtue of any deficiency in the delivery of the service.

Any dispute in this regard shall be settled through arbitration in India using the online arbitration service at  and in accordance with the rules under Indian Arbitration Act.